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Litigation can be a stressful experience for any business or individual. The best possible outcome is for a case to be satisfactorily resolved as quickly as possible, so that the parties can continue their lives and their businesses. Lawrences’ litigation lawyers have established a strong reputation for vigorous and strategic representation.

We are committed to representing our clients’ interests at every stage of a dispute, from fact-finding and risk assessment to final disposition and enforcement. We work to understand our clients’ issues and advance their interests, while keeping in mind that litigation can be lengthy and costly. We assess each client’s case to provide the most efficient, cost-effective method of dispute resolution. Where appropriate, we explore the possibility of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. We assist clients in identifying risks that could lead to legal exposure. We help our clients resolve such issues at an early stage to avoid lengthy, expensive litigation.

Lawrences’ Litigation Group has extensive experience in all areas of litigation and at all levels of court, including the Ontario Court of Appeal, Federal Court of Appeal, Federal Court, Divisional Court, Superior Court of Justice, and various tribunals and commissions throughout Brampton, Peel Region, and southern Ontario. Our litigation lawyers are actively involved in various professional associations, are frequent speakers on the litigation process and strategy, and have written a wide range of publications.

What is unjust dismissal? What is wrongful dismissal? What is a construction lien? What is the oppression remedy? What is constructive dismissal? How do I “perfect” my preserved lien? Who is entitled to a construction lien? Are there time periods for lien claims? What does it mean to “preserve” a lien? When do my rights to preserve a lien expire? What types of work do not qualify for a lien? All my lien rights have expired. What do I do? What is the best way to avoid a business dispute? Can I register a construction lien on the last day? What are the usual steps in a collection proceeding? Can my preserved lien expire? How do I prevent this? How can our firm prevent future assessments of costs? Are the costs of enforcement recoverable from the debtor? What are the advantages to registering a construction lien? Is it possible for the client to appeal to the Court of Appeal? I do not really want to go to trial. How can I settle this case? What happens if I provide the wrong information in my lien claim? In a shareholder’s dispute, are legal fees payable from company funds? As an employer, how should I respond to a work refusal by an employee? We have received an application for union certification. What should we do? How much will the Will challenge cost me and will I be able to recover my costs? Does work completed on a home renovation qualify under the Construction Lien Act? How can I secure my interest in a property that is or may be involved in litigation? How much notice of termination, or pay in lieu of notice, is an employee entitled to? What is the Ontario Human Rights Code (the “Code”), and how does it affect employers? How do I know whether our workplace is governed by provincial or federal jurisdiction? There is a lien on my property. I need it removed to complete the project. What do I do? I am purchasing/selling a business. What employment law issues should I be concerned about? I am a contractor who worked on a renovation. Can I claim a lien on the work that I completed? My company has been unionized. Can I wind up my business and start up again under another name? What options are available to a landlord when a commercial tenant defaults in the payment of rent? My neighbour wants to remove a healthy tree between our properties. Do I have any right to stop him? Can an employer terminate the employment of an employee by simply meeting the statutory minimum requirements? I have been charged with what my friends tell me is a very minor criminal offence. Do I really need a lawyer? I wish to challenge the last will and testament put forward by my Mother’s caregiver. How long will this take? We have been served with notice of application from the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (“HRTO”). What should we do? Are employees restrained by and limited to those obligations and entitlements provided under the employment agreement? There is a construction lien registered against my property from work that was done a long time ago. Can I get it removed? We obtained judgment against a debtor, but the debt has yet to be paid. How do we go about collecting the money owed to us? Are terminated employees required to sign a release in favour of their employer as a condition of receiving a termination package? The collective agreement is set to expire and we anticipate a lockout or strike action. What should we be doing to prepare our business? Our home renovation contractor has left the project unfinished and with many deficiencies. Can we hire someone else to complete the work? I have been served by the municipality with a Notice of Expropriation for a road widening off the front of my property. What are my rights? I am applying for a licence in a regulated industry, but the regulator wants to issue me a licence subject to various terms and conditions. Should I agree? A lawyer’s client acted on his own on an assessment of costs and lost, and has now appealed to a judge. What are the client’s chances of success on the appeal? The client owes $3,000.00 but insists on his entire file being delivered to him so that he can prepare a motion being heard next week. Can I refuse to produce the file? A new survey of my property indicates that my rear yard fence is not located along my lot limit and encroaches six feet into the adjoining property. What are my rights? We are an automobile-leasing company. One of our lessees has defaulted on payment under the lease and has refused to return the vehicle. What options are available to us? My parents are deceased. I have asked my brother, who seems to have taken control of things, for a copy of my parents’ wills, but he refuses. Can I get copies of the wills? We loaned money to a company that offered certain pieces of equipment as security. The debtor company has defaulted on the loans. Can we simply seize and sell the equipment? My second husband died recently and I was surprised to find out that he left most of his estate to the children of his first marriage. Can I make a claim against his estate? A lawyer is coming up to an assessment of costs and would like some advice, but questions if he needs legal representation for the entire assessment of costs. What should he do? I have three siblings. Our mother just passed away and under her will we each get an equal share of her estate, which I feel is unfair. How can I set aside the will to get my fair share? I am one of the beneficiaries of the residue of my father’s estate. My brother is the executor and will not give me any information about what he is doing. Can he withhold information from me? The purchaser of my property failed to complete the transaction and defaulted under the terms of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and did not close on the deal. Am I entitled to keep the deposit paid? On the seventh day of a month, a lawyer’s client made a request to assess a series of her accounts, the last of which was dated the first day of the previous month. Can an order be obtained on requisition? I have been charged with selling vehicles without a licence under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. I have been told that I can pay a small fine and then apply for a licence under the applicable legislation. Is that correct? I went to see my lawyer to pick up my last account and receive settlement proceeds. To my surprise, the lawyer deducted an extra $25,000.00 for a “premium” without discussing this with me and without my agreement. Is this allowed? What if the last account is just a disbursement account for less than $100.00 and all of the other accounts are spread over four years, total over $100,0000.00, and are all paid? Can an order be obtained to assess all of the accounts? I am a minority shareholder. What steps can I take against the majority shareholder, who I suspect of misappropriating company funds, and refuses to provide me with the company records that a minority shareholder is entitled to at law? My mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease when she died. My sister tells me that Mother executed a new will two weeks before she died and appointed my sister as the estate trustee and sole beneficiary. How can that will be valid? My parents lived in the same house for 30 years, and used the same law firm since this purchase. Father died in 2011. Mother’s health/mental state are deteriorating and I have asked the lawyer for a copy of Mother’s last will, yet he refuses. I purchased my house for 30 years and recently learned that there was a mortgage registered on title 25 years ago which, my lawyer did not discover. The lender under that mortgage has never demanded payment/taken steps to enforce the mortgage. I loaned some money to an individual and received a mortgage on that person’s home as security for the loan. The borrower has stopped making payments and has not responded to my letters or emails. What can I do to collect the money owing to me? I have a licence application pending in a regulated industry, but cannot get the regulator to make a decision one way or the other. It has been months and my business plans are on hold, at considerable expense to me. Is any way to expedite the process? My lawyer took my case on a contingency basis where he is to receive 25% of the settlement. When I picked up my settlement proceeds, he has kept 25% of the entire settlement and in addition, has claimed all of the disbursements plus HST Is this proper?
To: Ed Upenieks and the Lawrences Team.

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the work that you and your team have put into our case and how much support you have given us.  We cannot imagine a better person than you to have been supporting us during this incredibly difficult time.  You and your team have been so caring and helpful to us, which has lightened the incredible burden that we carry.  Your hard work and expertise have been so greatly appreciated.  We cannot thank you and your team enough.

Bill and Lynn Yatim

“Lawrences has been around for over 90 years and there is good reason why. I have used the firm for a number of corporate issues, real estate matters, estate planning, employment law, and dispute resolution over the past five years. If there is a deadline, they meet it; if it's returning a phone call, it gets done, and if it's an email to discuss or send, you can rest assured it's being looked after.

Lawrences is not one person trying to tackle every task, but a very experienced team of professionals with expertise in every field—by far the best law firm my company has been exposed to over the last ten years. The lawyers will always give you an honest opinion and always make sure you’re getting the best possible guidance—not just one person in your corner but a whole support team.

Michael Luchenski makes sure to communicate so everyone can understand. Lawrences adds a personal touch to make sure their clients are not only satisfied with the work Lawrences provides to the client, but also—most important—how the clients feel when they leave the office.”

Paul Azzopardi
Kenco Machinery Movers & Millwrights Ltd.

“As I came to require the services of lawyers regularly over the past two decades, during which I am sorry to say the number of lawyers I required reached double figures, I soon understood how important trust and integrity are within the lawyer-client relationship—as important as or more important than in almost any other.

Following a first matter in which I sought advice from Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP, and during which I was treated with respect, provided with wise advice, as well as achieving success, I sought their counsel on several subsequent matters. The lawyer with whom I worked, Ed Upenieks, was expertly competent and realistic, but equally responsive and sympathetic—a combination of qualities to be appreciated by anyone who has needed legal counsel with all the anxiety and uncertainty with which that need is usually associated. It was a unique experience working with Ed, whose support, knowledge, preparation, and integrity were critical to our success.

I cannot more highly recommend Ed, as well as the unparalleled expertise of the legal team of Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP.”

Dr. Nancy Olivieri, MD, FRCP(C)

Professor, Pediatrics, Medicine and Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada; Senior Scientist, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada; Executive Director, Hemoglobal

Headwaters Health Care Foundation has worked with Ed Upenieks and his team at Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP on several occasions. The estate advice and assistance he provides our Foundation has resulted in a number of very positive outcomes. Our interactions with Ed and his colleagues are always extremely professional, precise, and timely. I personally enjoy the warm and collaborative approach Ed uses in his daily practice. I would recommend this legal firm without hesitation.

Joan Burdette
Headwaters Health Care Foundation
CFRE, Executive Director

“Lawrences’ employment lawyers were instrumental in assisting me to deal with a difficult and confusing time, and untimely litigation. At all times, I felt comfortable with a practice leader who was attentive, supportive and able to effectively communicate legal strategy and processes with me. I received exceptional value for the services provided and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Audra Wosik
Major Franchisor
Senior Director

“We have had our share of unusual and deeply concerning employment law matters. Lawrences has always acted in a prompt and attentive manner, providing good solid legal advice as well as options on how to deal with our problems, letting us, the employer, make an informed decision that works for our company.”

Margot Wax
Canadian Measurement–Metrology Inc.

“SPS Inc. has been with Lawrences since our inception 15 years ago. We started with one business and now, four ongoing businesses later, our relationship with them is still going strong. We have always received timely and relevant legal advice. Bill Sirdevan is very knowledgeable in all aspects of business and employment law and we are very pleased to have him assist us.” 

A. J. Bajwa
SPS Inc.

“We have relied on Lawrences to provide professional legal services for over 30 years. Their lawyers, and in particular their Employment and Labour lawyers, are knowledgeable and provide superior service and advice.”

John Kalverda
Holland Christian Homes Inc.

“Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP provided me with excellent legal services in my estate planning, real estate and litigation dealings. Their legal team provided me with integrated, seamless support in my real estate transactions and associated litigation when I needed it. It was a true team effort.”

Dr. Loris Gregoris

Professional Engineer

“As one of the larger non-profit organizations in Peel and an employer of over 300 staff, Brampton Caledon Community Living requires sound legal counsel on a range of issues. From real estate to employment law, Lawrences has provided us with professional and reliable service for over 15 years.”

Jim Triantafilou
Brampton Caledon Community Living
Executive Director

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The Balancing Act for Canadian Litigators: Encouraging Settlement Between Parties and the Procedural Risks of Entering into Settlement Agreements in Multi-Party Litigation

An Overview – Settlement Agreements in Canada - Canadian court systems encourage and facilitate settlement. For example, there is an entire regime encapsulated by Rule 49 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure regarding the importance of early and reasonable offers to settle, as well as an emphasis on proportionality in litigation as set out in Rule 1.04 of the Ontario Rules.

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Employment Contracts: Review or Regret

Many employers rely upon standard form employment contracts, believing that they are sufficient to meet their specific hiring needs. However, employers should have experienced employment law lawyers regularly review their employment contracts, to ensure that the terms are valid and enforceable. The recent Court of Appeal for Ontario decision, Waksdale 2020 ONCA 391, is an example of how employers would be wise to revisit their standard form employment contracts.

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'One Judge' case management promises big efficiency gains

Lawrences' head of litigation Edwin Upenieks is part of a working group testing a case-management project that has the potential to boost the efficiency of the civil justice system significantly. 

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Upenieks’ Dispositions Without Trial explores benefits of summary judgments

New book shows how summary judgments can resolve cases before trial, freeing up court time

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Truth-telling critical when meeting with lawyer

Clients may be tempted to hold back embarrassing details about their case, but it’s important to tell lawyers the whole truth, says Brampton civil litigator Edwin Upenieks.

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Lawyers' lawyer Upenieks serves local and legal communities

During more than three decades at the bar, Upenieks, partner with Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP, has become particularly well known in the province’s legal community for his niche practice in solicitors’ assessments and costs. Over the years, he has acted with more than 60 law firms involved in legal fee disputes with clients as well as on behalf of individual clients.

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Costs in Personal Injury Actions

The cost of bringing legal action is a major issue in access to justice, especially in personal injury cases. This article outlines the approaches the Court can take in assessing the amount of costs to be paid by the unsuccessful party in a personal injury case.

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Costs in Class Actions

Class actions were intended to provide access to justice for those unable to bring individual legal actions. However, if the class action fails, the plaintiffs may end up bearing the burden of costs. This article outlines the ways in which the courts can deal with an unfair cost burden.

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Tips and Traps when Preparing Estate Accounts; How to Avoid Estate Litigation

Estate litigation often means thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and a significant delay in the administration of an estate. In addition to possibly depleting the assets of an estate, estate litigation often destroys families and relationships. At times, the total monies spent in legal fees is not much less than the value of the entire estate.

While estate litigation involving will challenges is fairly common, a significant amount of estate litigation involves estate accounting and the propriety of the conduct of executors and trustees in the management and administration of an estate. Some litigation is unavoidable, particularly where there has been mismanagement or a breach of trust by the executor or trustee. However, a significant amount of litigation can be avoided by maintaining proper estate accounting and understanding the role of an executor or trustee of an estate.

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Motions for Security for Costs

A security for costs motion is a powerful tool that lawyers often overlook. Since such motions are not available in every case, lawyers are accustomed to dealing with the issue of recovery of costs closer to the conclusion of the litigation. Most clients do not know they even the option exists. The result is that either no motion for security is brought or there is significant delay in bringing the motion that it results in the motion being unsuccessful.

Simply put, a motion for security for costs is a means to ensure that there are funds in place to pay for the defendant’s costs should the defendant succeed in the litigation. In addition, it is an effective method of deterring frivolous or vexatious claims from proceeding further. Since the order prevents the plaintiff from taking further steps in the litigation until the security is posted, it forces the plaintiff to take a closer look at its claim and to seriously consider its chances of success.

An order for security for costs is a discretionary remedy and the court has the power to deny it where granting the order would impede the plaintiff’s access to justice and a determination of the plaintiff’s case on the merits.

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