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Partnership, Shareholder, and Joint Venture Agreements

Entering into any business relationship involves a degree of risk, which is why the arrangement under which a business activity is conducted should be properly documented.

We strongly recommend that when you enter into a business relationship, you give due consideration to your expectations of your business associates, as well as their expectations of you. A formal written agreement entered into for that purpose will not only identify the nature of the business arrangement but will also set out the rights and obligations that the parties considered to be important at the time they entered into the arrangement. The process of negotiation is an opportunity for the parties to explore important issues, correct misconceptions, and better understand the objectives and expectations of their business partners.

We have drafted, negotiated, implemented, enforced, and litigated many agreements on behalf of our clients and have a wealth of experience and expertise to offer you.

Oct 01, 2008 | Article

Shareholder Agreements: When the Honeymoon Is Over

Beginning a new business venture is somewhat like a marriage: it’s a new partnership where each partner brings something to the union. Partners in a business venture might contribute ideas, capital, hard work, skills, or assets. In return, they receive an ownership stake in the business and hope to see tangible returns for their efforts.

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