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Minute Book and Record-keeping

Business and not-for-profit corporations must comply with the corporate laws in their jurisdiction of incorporation. While specific corporate law requirements vary depending on the type of corporation and the jurisdiction of incorporation (Ontario or Canada), the general legal requirements are similar and include having annual meetings and maintaining certain corporate records.

At Lawrences, we understand that our clients need to devote their attention to their businesses. Our Business Law Group, complemented by a very experienced and dedicated corporate support staff, provides ongoing counsel, guidance, and assistance to hundreds of businesses annually for all aspects of their minute book and record-keeping requirements, allowing them to focus on their businesses. Our minute book and record-keeping services include:

  • Drafting and amending by-laws
  • Documentation of annual minutes/resolutions
  • Special meetings/resolutions
  • Documenting dividends
  • Required statutory filings  
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Articles of amalgamation
  • Articles of amendment
  • Articles of dissolution
  • Maintaining accurate registers and ledgers
  • Shareholder agreements
Dec 01, 2007 | Article

Corporate Minutes:Why They Matter

The founder of a family business adds his new son-in-law to the company’s board of directors. A small corporation seeks a substantial bank loan for a new acquisition. A growing company decides to pay out large, one-time bonuses, rather than large, annual raises, to its management team.

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