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Corporate Governance/Company Meetings

“Corporate governance” refers to the rules, laws, or processes by which corporate entities are managed, monitored, and controlled. Public corporations, private corporations, professional corporations, partnerships, trusts, and not-for-profit corporations must comply with the rules, laws, and processes set out in their jurisdiction of incorporation and in their charter documents. Private business owners and not-for-profit corporations must follow corporate law requirements and procedures on how things are done. Often private business owners are more concerned with the day-to-day operations of their companies and less with corporate governance practices. Lawrences’ Business Law Group can help private business owners and not-for-profit corporations comply with corporate law requirements and procedures. Our corporate governance/company meetings services include:

  • Minute book/corporate record maintenance
  • Advising not-for-profit corporations and business corporations on the conduct and procedures of meetings
  • Attending and assisting with the conduct of corporate meetings
  • Advising not-for-profit corporations, private companies and professional corporations of the governing rules that apply
  • Advising directors on their duties and liabilities
  • Identifying conflict of interest
  • Reviewing by-laws
Mar 13, 2015 | Case Study

Governance of a Not-For-Profit Corporation

The Problem A not-for-profit corporation experienced repeated disruption at its annual general meetings as various factions attempted to take over ...

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