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Leasing Commercial and Industrial Property

The success of a business is greatly aided by finding suitable premises at a competitive rate. If you are the Tenant, you need to be aware of many issues that affect your ability to operate your business on those premises. If you are the Landlord, you need to protect your assets in unforeseen circumstances. Both parties should seek legal advice on the terms of the lease. Lawrences has extensive experience acting for both Landlords and Tenants in a wide range of commercial, industrial and farm leases throughout Southern Ontario, especially Brampton, Peel Region, and the GTA. We also assist Landlords with lease enforcement and advise Tenants and Landlords on lease disputes.

  • Due diligence for Tenants and reviews of office, retail, commercial, industrial, condominium and franchise leases
  • Preparation of office, retail/shopping centre, commercial, industrial, condominium and franchise leases for Landlords
  • Negotiation of leases, amendments and renewals for Landlords and Tenants
  • Lease dispute resolution between Landlords and Tenants and enforcement and defense of rights
  • Occupancy and co-tenancy agreements
Jul 01, 2009 | Article

Leasing Commercial Space: Negotiating for Changes in Changing Times

The owner of a small strip mall is having trouble finding reliable tenants for long-term leases. To trim costs, he has cut down drastically on repairs and renovations. The mall is beginning to look run-down and unattractive. One of the tenants is a coffee shop in year three of a ten-year lease, when a huge national competitor moves in across the street, causing the coffee shop’s revenues to drop by 40%.

Apr 01, 2007 | Article

If Only We'd Thought of That: Negotiating a Commercial Lease

Mr. and Mrs. Old, the sole shareholders of Oldco, want to retire from their business to travel. They operate Oldco from leased premises and recently signed a new, 10-year lease in the company’s name. Mr. and Mrs. Old plan to sell all their shares in Oldco to Mr. and Mrs. New, who like the location of Oldco’s premises and the added benefit of a longterm lease.

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