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Union Organizing and Certification Response

A good relationship between employer and employees benefits both sides. At Lawrences, we are experienced not only in dealing with day-to-day issues of unionized workplaces, but also in strategically advising employers on positive employee relations, in order to avoid unionization in the first place. If our clients receive a certification application from a union, we are prepared to respond immediately. We understand and appreciate the importance that a certification application can have on a company’s viability. As a result, we work with our clients and utilize all our resources to respond and defend against the union’s efforts.

We understand the advantages of dealing with employees directly, as opposed to dealing through an intermediary union. Through comprehensive training programs, we help our employer-clients be proactive in informing employees of the benefits when employees and management can deal directly with one another. If a union organizing campaign occurs in your workplace, we can advise and train management on permissible conduct, including providing employees with the information necessary to make a meaningful decision on unionization, while avoiding the pitfalls where a breach of the relevant labour relations statute may result in automatic certification of a union.

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