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At Lawrences, we want to provide maximum value for our clients. We do this by being thorough and thinking ahead to all the circumstances where our clients will need legal protection. Shortcuts don’t end up saving clients money! 

Because we recognize that legal services can be a significant cost, we discuss the scope of work with our clients at the outset. If the scope changes for any reason, we inform our clients immediately. 

Like most other professional service providers, we charge hourly rates for our services. In certain circumstances we are able to work out an alternative fee arrangement, such as fixed or flat fees, capped fees, or annual retainers. 

In all circumstances, we encourage our clients to discuss fee arrangements with us at the outset and at any time as your file progresses. We value our ongoing client relationships and want to ensure that you understand exactly how your matter is handled.


Lawrences has a firm policy of keeping costs to a minimum. We use electronic documents and transfer them electronically wherever appropriate, saving our clients’ money on delivery charges. We add no markup to our out of pocket costs for couriers, postage, or long-distance telephone calls. 

We do not incur unnecessary costs or order expensive searches or reports without client consultation and approval. For all matters we undertake on behalf of our clients, we will provide anticipated disbursement budgets and update them regularly as a matter progresses. 

Providing our clients with extraordinary service, especially clear and timely communication about fees and disbursements, is important to us because it is vitally important to you. Our top priority is to ensure your complete satisfaction with the quality of the work we perform for you, the communication and timely service you receive, and the costs you are charged. We invite our clients to ask us at any time about fees and disbursements.

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