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Many of Lawrences' clients are referred to us by other lawyers. Our colleagues refer clients to us because they know that:

  • We respect the referral: their clients remain their clients.
  • We handle their clients' matters with the utmost care, obtaining the best results possible.
  • We keep them informed of progress.
  • Our reputation in the community since 1924 speaks well of them for their choice of us.

Reasons for Referrals

Lawyers refer clients to Lawrences for many reasons:

  • If you are conflicted out of acting for a client, you want to ensure that your client’s matter is handed off to a firm with a high reputation for client care.
  • If you do not practice in the area of law that your clients need, you want to refer them to a firm with significant experience in that area of law.
  • If you do not practice in the geographical area, you want to refer your clients to a well established local firm that knows the local administration, judiciary, and business community—and is well known by them.

For example, a downtown firm might have a regular client for whom they cannot act in a particular instance. They want the client’s matter handled in a way that will reflect well on them and be convenient for the client, so they choose Lawrences, a local firm with an excellent reputation. Lawrences considers the referring firm to be as much their client as is the actual client.

Or a sole practitioner might have a thriving practice in family law where a client urgently needs resolution of a business law matter. Lawrences can promptly handle the business law matter so that the family lawyer can concentrate on the client’s family situation, knowing that Lawrences can also handle any wills & estates issues for the same client, all while keeping the family lawyer apprised of progress.

Or a firm in another jurisdiction has a client with a matter local to Peel Region and wants it handled by a well-known local firm. Lawrences has been in practice in Peel Region since 1924 and has contacts throughout the business and legal communities.

Accountants, financial advisors, bankers and insurers are similarly concerned to find a well-respected, local law firm that will take good care of their clients and reflect well on them for the referral. We similarly refer our clients to professional advisors in whom we have confidence through our previous dealings with them.

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