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Sahar Cadili

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Sahar is an associate in Lawrences’ Litigation Group. Her practice is focused on civil litigation, including corporate/commercial and estates litigation. Sahar has appeared before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Court of Justice, the Manitoba Court of Appeal, the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench, and various boards and tribunals.

Sahar advises and represents clients at all stages of conflict, from the pre-litigation stage through to settlement or collection on judgments. Sahar has also been involved in a number of appeals and provides opinions on appeals as well as appellate advocacy.

Sahar has represented clients and has experience in breach of contract, injunctions, claims involving non-compete/non-solicitation clauses, expropriations, property boundary disputes, professional negligence, shareholder disputes/oppression claims, and Will challenges/disputes.

Representative Work

  • On an urgent basis, prepared material for a complex and time-sensitive injunction to obtain an Anton Piller Order (an order to search and seize evidence). The Anton Piller Order allowed the client to obtain and seize crucial evidence for use in its civil proceedings against the breaching parties.
  • Succeeded in obtaining an injunction in a very high profile case involving a religious organization and a group of individuals attempting to take over the organization’s property.
  • Prepared materials for a successful defence of an appeal in a shareholder dispute/oppression remedy case allowing the oppressed shareholder to collect on its multimillion dollar damages award.
  • Successfully and efficiently negotiated numerous favourable settlements to clients


  • Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Law Society of Manitoba
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Peel Law Association


  • Judge at University of Toronto Law School Moot 2015
  • Member of Mentorship Program for law school students 2013-2014
  • Canadian Bar Association Mid-Winter Conference Committee member 2011–2014
Jun 03, 2015 | Presentation

Tips and Traps when Preparing Estate Accounts; How to Avoid Estate Litigation

Estate litigation often means thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and a significant delay in the administration of an estate. In addition to possibly depleting the assets of an estate, estate litigation often destroys families and relationships. At times, the total monies spent in legal fees is not much less than the value of the entire estate.

While estate litigation involving will challenges is fairly common, a significant amount of estate litigation involves estate accounting and the propriety of the conduct of executors and trustees in the management and administration of an estate. Some litigation is unavoidable, particularly where there has been mismanagement or a breach of trust by the executor or trustee. However, a significant amount of litigation can be avoided by maintaining proper estate accounting and understanding the role of an executor or trustee of an estate.

Jun 01, 2015 | Presentation

Motions for Security for Costs

A security for costs motion is a powerful tool that lawyers often overlook. Since such motions are not available in every case, lawyers are accustomed to dealing with the issue of recovery of costs closer to the conclusion of the litigation. Most clients do not know they even the option exists. The result is that either no motion for security is brought or there is significant delay in bringing the motion that it results in the motion being unsuccessful.

Simply put, a motion for security for costs is a means to ensure that there are funds in place to pay for the defendant’s costs should the defendant succeed in the litigation. In addition, it is an effective method of deterring frivolous or vexatious claims from proceeding further. Since the order prevents the plaintiff from taking further steps in the litigation until the security is posted, it forces the plaintiff to take a closer look at its claim and to seriously consider its chances of success.

An order for security for costs is a discretionary remedy and the court has the power to deny it where granting the order would impede the plaintiff’s access to justice and a determination of the plaintiff’s case on the merits.


May 24, 2016

Enforcing Judgments and Orders 2nd Edition

The second edition of Enforcing Judgments and Orders, a textbook for the legal profession, has just been published. Lawrences partners Ed Upenieks ...

I have been in the car business since 1989.  I was wrongfully sued last year for the first time in the Superior Court of Justice.  I was referred to Lawrences by the Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario and retained Sahar Cadili to help me.  She is efficient, honest, professional and hard-working, and got my case dismissed outright.  She was very patient with me since I was not familiar with legal terminology and made me comfortable that I was in good hands.  If you find yourself faced with a lawsuit, I highly recommend Sahar to help you.

Shane Baghaee
Summit Auto Brokers Inc.

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